Why CHILDREN OF MEN is a Movie With Integrity (with Alex Calleros) | Episode 18

August 22, 2022

Why CHILDREN OF MEN is a Movie With Integrity (with Alex Calleros) | Episode 18
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What does it mean for a movie to have integrity?

It’s an interesting question because, before the conversation you are about to hear today, you likely have never heard that word used to describe a movie before.

Maybe you've heard it used to describe characters in a movie, or filmmakers themselves. But never extrapolated to all facets of a movie, and especially not things like production and sound design, or even extras in the background.

But that’s how Alex Calleros, Senior Video Editor at BioWare and co-host of the film podcast Beyond The Screenplay, describes his all-time favorite movie, Children of Men: a movie with integrity in all aspects of its filmmaking.

What exactly does this mean, and where can find in every nook and cranny of Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi masterwork? Listen to this week's episode to find out!

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