May 09, 2022

"Deadass, you want me to expose myself?" (with Senary Wright) | Episode 12 BONUS ROUND
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F*cked up families, No Children of Old Men, and the ending of Hereditaryyou didn't get to see. All of this and more on this week's edition of the "My Favorite Movie is..." Bonus Round!

Today's guest is illustrator and medical professional Senary Autumn. Listen to our initial conversation with Senary and gain brand new insights into Hereditary you haven't heard anywhere else!


Resources Mentioned:

Deptford Cinema's Analysis on Hereditary


Created, Produced, and Hosted by Larry Fried 

Assistant Direction by Steven Reyes

Edited by Fernando Queiroz

Graphic Design by Monica Sarmiento

Motion Graphic Design by Elton Greenfield

Original Music by Matt Gordeuk